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Kids get a Soil Education

Kids get a Soil Education.

Kids get a Soil Education

29th Aug 2014

More than 10,000 students across Australia are getting their hands dirty as part of the Kids Teaching Kids initiative.

Kids Teaching Kids have been working with students for 15 years, teaching them and their communities about issues like climate change, conservation, energy, water and soil.

Students from Neville, Carcoar, Blayney and Bedgerebong participated in science experiments, theatrical performances, songs and hands on workshops.
They also had the opportunity participate in many hands on workshops run by local groups including soil identification.

Kids Teaching Kids found Arron Wood, who was Environmentalist of the Year for his environmental education efforts, said that Australia should be proud of its kids' green army.

"Education is their weapon of choice. Green army recruits are all under the age of 17 and they've been fighting the good fight for the environment for the past 15 years. Kids Teaching Kids is about empowering the youth of this country to declare war on pollution, habitat destruction and global warming," Arron said.

"Our green-armed forces have been achieving some phenomenal results - whether it's the restoration of a wetland area or the establishment of a waste water campaign or things as simple as school recycling programs, kids have wonderful ideas and this program allows them to put their concepts into action.

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