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Soft soil requires hard testing

Soft soil requires hard testing.

Soft soil requires hard testing

19th Nov 2013

Developments are more frequently being constructed on soft sediment bases. This is due to both the profusion of offshore projects where water depths now mostly exceed 500m, and due to the lack of solid base available on shore for projects such as the production of new transport corridors.

Comprehensive and accurate testing of soft soil sediments are vital to ensure project time and cost budgets are not blown out once construction commences.

Time taken in the testing phase of projects is also well spent when dealing with soft soils as this is the time to develop appropriate and realistic whole-of-life performance projections and maintenance schedules.

Once detailed testing analyses have been undertaken a holistic picture of the challenges and opportunities facing the project can be made clear. This allows for the development and implementation of specific soft soil construction tactics such as using prefabricated vertical drains with surcharge, stability berms, structural geofabric, vibro-replacement stone columns, dry soil mixing, vacuum consolidation, dynamic replacement columns and lightweight bottom ash fill.

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