Our Industries


Hunter Civilab have a range of services for commercial and residential construction, civil construction and mining industries.

Through our key personnel, specialist skills, on-site services and laboratory testing capabilities, we offer a fully integrated solution for our clients in any industry. Hunter Civilab are your partner in geo services and consultation.

construction material testing
road geotechnical


With a boom in urbanisation in regional and rural areas comes the demand for streamlined mobility. At Hunter Civilab, we believe in taking a holistic approach to the efficient provision and maintenance of roadways that contributes to a wider network of sustainability and usability.

residential geotechnical


Investment in residential property market can be one of the safest investments you can make. It is an asset class that has typically yielded strong return largely without the major risk of a volatile fluctuating market.

Commercial site geotechnical investigation engineering


When it comes to your commercial venture, there can be a sea of red tape to wade through including environmental compliance and engineering regulation. Failure to comply with standards can compromise your entire venture, costing you time and money.

industry testing geotechnical


The requirements of the industrial sector can be complex, with industry regulations and compliance for quality, health and safety standards typically requiring a dynamic and multifaceted approach. That’s why your approach to testing and engineering services needs to be streamlined and efficient.

rail track


The infrastructure sector is experiencing major public investment, providing a great opportunity to maximise on the cost-effectiveness, optimise sustainability and enhance the environmental compatibility of your project.

mining geology


The mining sector is facing more complex challenges than ever before, with globalisation, technological advancement, increased regulation and a fluctuating market requiring adaptability Australia-wide.