Slope Stability Assessments

Our Focus

Slope Stability Assessments evaluate the likelihood of a slope failure or landslide.

These assessments are typically conducted on natural or man-made slopes, such as embankments, cuttings, and hillsides, and are used to determine the safety and stability of the slope.

Our experienced team conducts site investigations to gather information on soil and rock properties, slope geometry, and hydrology, using this information to perform a stability analysis in accordance with Australian Standards.

We use advanced techniques, including limit equilibrium and finite element methods, to determine the factor of safety of the slope and identify any potential failure modes. If necessary, we can design remedial measures such as installing retaining walls or drainage systems to improve the slope stability.

Our slope stability assessments are crucial for ensuring the safety of people and infrastructure, particularly in hilly areas, mining and construction sites, and natural slopes prone to landslides. Contact us to discuss your slope stability assessment needs and how we can assist you.

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