Earthworks testing

Hunter Civilab ensure the integrity of your earthworks projects by undertaking planning, stability, drainage, pavements and surface tests, putting you in good stead.

Our Focus

We conduct efficient earthworks & pavement construction testings including quality assurance, slope stability, construction planning, subsurface drainage, unbound pavements, stabilised pavements, sprayed bituminous surfacings, asphalt pavements/surfacings and concrete pavements.

Our services include:

  • Minor and major project compliance testing to TfNSW & AS specifications
  • Site inspections including proof-rolling and monitoring excavating operations
  • Field & laboratory density testing for compliance and investigation
  • Laboratory testing of soil characteristics – Plasticity Index, Shrink/Swell, Particle Size Distribution, Emerson Class etc
  • Level one earthwork supervision and certification to AS 3798
  • Engineered fill verification for rail formation or certified bulk earthworks
  • California bearing ratio for pavement design and subgrade bearing
  • Roadwork testing and supervision
  • Benkleman beam testing to measure pavement deflection
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer testing for ground consolidation
NATA accredited

Hunter Civilab is a NATA Accredited Organisation.
See our Scope of Accreditation here.

Specialist Capability

Plate Load Test

Hunter Civilab’s Plate Load Test can quickly and easily determine the bearing capacity of soils and deflection of soils.

The test is performed by systematically applying 6-8 equal load steps to the static plate, and calculating the pressure settling lines and deflection modules of the first load (Ev1), and the second load (Ev2) – ultimately represented in NM/m2.

The test is performed in-situ, gives instant results, and has the added benefit of being non-destructive – with no drilling or sampling. Our Plate Load Tests are performed in accordance with DIN 18134:2012-04.

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