Rail Investigation and Design

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Rail Formation and Rehabilitation Design

Geotechnical investigation and design of trail track formation is an important aspect of civil engineering that ensures the safety and longevity of rail.

In New South Wales, maintenance of track formation for heavy freight haulage often requires cost effective and sustainable geotechnical solutions. Sections of track requiring rehabilitation are identified by the relevant rail authority.

The investigation begins with a site investigation, typically during a rail shut-down or under lookout protection, to gather information on the soil and rock properties, and surface / sub-soil drainage conditions, in order to identify potential causes of track formation failure. Based on the results of the investigation, recommendations are provided to improve the track foundation sub-grade including design CBR, options for full track formation reconstruction including subgrade preparation requirements, structural fill and capping thickness requirements and surface / subsoil drainage requirements. Where full-reconstruction is not a viable solution, alternative partial remedial solutions may be recommended.

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