Concrete, grout & mortar

Hunter Civilab specialise in concrete testing, offering a range of services and test types, as well as project compliance testing to RMS & AS specifications.

Our Focus

Hunter Civilab specialises in concrete testing, undertaking the service daily. We maintain positive relationships with several local and national concrete suppliers in providing quality and efficient service. We also offer unique concrete testing services including NATA Accredited Permeability/Absorption Testing for Precast Concrete Pipes.

Our services include:

  • Minor and major project compliance testing to TfNSW & AS specifications
  • Fresh & hardened concrete sampling including concrete coring
  • Consistency testing using slump compliance or compactability index
  • Air content
  • Mass per unit volume of fresh & hardened concrete
  • Making and curing specimens for compressive and flexural strength
  • Compression testing for concrete cylinders and cores
  • Flexural strength testing
  • Mix of Uniformity (Agitator Bowl Conformance)
  • Permeability and absorption testing of concrete pipes
  • Concrete mix trials & design
  • Non-invasive Schmidt Hammer testing
  • Flow testing and grout/mortar cubes
NATA accredited

Hunter Civilab is a NATA Accredited Organisation.
See our Scope of Accreditation here.

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