Soil testing & classification

Hunter Civilab perform soil testing and classification for civil, construction and residential purposes.

Our Focus

Our team of experts conduct soil classification and soil testing for construction.

Undertaken in our NATA-approved laboratory, we test as part of our broader services including site investigation and drilling, materials quality testing, insitu compliance testing and engineering reporting.

Our services include:

  • Onsite sampling using both disturbed and undisturbed methods
  • Sample preparation including artificial weathering and repeat compaction pre-treatment methods
  • Atterberg Limits incorporating plastic and liquid limits and linear shrinkage, Emerson Class and a wide range of particle size distribution
  • Chemical Testing such as pH
  • Strength and bearing tests including compaction, density, Californian Bearing Ratio, maximum dry compressive strength and unconfined compressive strength
  • Soil stabilisation and material blending trials
  • Site reactivity incorporating the Shrink Swell Index
  • Contamination & foreign material testing
NATA accredited

Hunter Civilab is a NATA Accredited Organisation.
See our Scope of Accreditation here.

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